POP: (Video) Asaf Avidan – Anagnorisis (2020)

We will just re-post the words of Asaf from the description of the video, as they perfectly summarize the experience of listening to this song:

Coined by Aristotle, Anagnorisis is a literary term for the ultimate moment of revelation of a character. That moment, which through the unveiling of a previously hidden element of a story’s plot, the character is confronted by his or her true identity. Anticipating my 40th birthday, I found myself taking the time away from the stage and burrowing down into my own self, looking for new ways to understand and capture who I am. But the more I dug deep, the more the nebula was intangible.

Moving, mutating… every time I grabbed it and penciled it down, it would already change and turn into something else. As an artist it was devastating. To not be able to “capture” something precise. As a human, it was challenging but intoxicating. All the feelings, and stories and deep archetypes in me were all interwoven into a complex, abstract, ever-changing cloud.

Trying to capture it would be destined for failure. Still… regardless of the impossibility… I felt the need to try to portray this landscape. This is “Anagnorisis”.

Asaf Avidan, Youtube Video Description

Crossover: (Video) Sterling EQ – Weeping (ft. Muzukidz) (2019)

Cape Town’s acclaimed, SAMA award-winning instrumental pop group Sterling EQ has released a music video epic of their rendition of the Dan Heymann song “Weeping”. The video, shot in the heart of Cape Town, stretching from Khayelitsha to Table Mountain, features the all-woman trio as well as a group of children from Muzukidz, a local organisation that offers violin tuition to children from low income township families.

The video follows the story of one of the children and her mother, journeying from their humble home deep within the township, to their respective destinations in town. The wonderful story of hope and opportunity that is revealed, is juxtaposed with the mother character’s slog, while her connection with her daughter remains a strong thread throughout.

“Arranging a song that is larger than life and steeped in history, is a good challenge. Our rendition of Weeping is simplistic and humble, reflecting the beauty of the melody and allowing the listener to feel the gravity of Heymann’s composition, and to reassess where we currently stand as South Africans, perhaps”, says Bruwer. “The video is very close to our hearts and we are delighted to feature the beautiful and talented MUZUKIDZ in this South African story of hope, sacrifice and opportunity. We have poured our hearts into this short film and we can only hope that South Africans will resonate with the sounds, the feelings and the messages of hope, without having to deny the pathos therein.”

Thanks for the beautiful description to Carina Bruwer. For more details about the group please visit their website. 🙂

POP: (Video) Bastille – Doom Days (2019)

Bastille (stylised as BΔSTILLE) is a British band formed in 2010. The group began as a solo project by lead vocalist Dan Smith, but later expanded to include keyboardist Kyle Simmons, bassist and guitarist Will Farquarson and drummer Chris Wood. The name of the band derives from Bastille Day, which is celebrated on 14 July, the date of Smith’s birthday.

After an independently released debut single and a self-released EP, the band signed to Virgin Records. Their first studio album, Bad Blood, was released in March 2013 and entered the UK Albums Chart at number one and included the hit single “Pompeii” which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart. The band was nominated for four Brit Awards at the 2014 ceremony, winning the British Breakthrough Act. As of February 2019, Bastille have sold over nine million records worldwide. (Wikipedia)

Medieval: (Video) Luc Arbogast – Vox Clamantis (2014)

Vox Clamantis (“the voice of one crying out”) is a Latin poem of 10,265 lines in elegiac couplets by John Gower (1330 – October 1408) . The first of the seven books is a dream vision giving a vivid account of the Peasants’ Rebellion of 1381. Macaulay described the remaining books: “The general plan of the author is to describe the condition of society and of the various degrees of men, much as in the latter portion of the Speculum Meditantis.” Fisher concludes that books II-V were written in the 1370s while the author was writing similar passages in Mirour de l’Omme. (Wikipedia)

Gypsy: (Video) BGKO – Geamparalele (2019)

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra (BGKO) during their Creative Retreat in Fundació La Plana (near Barcelona), rehearsing new songs for their 2019 lnternational Tours and experimenting in their constant exploration of the roots of traditional music of the Balkans, Gipsies and Jewish of Eastern Europe, with original brush strokes which come from their rich and varied musical and cultural background, with an undoubted passion. (Youtube Description)

‘Geamparalele’ is a popular Romanian dance in three times, characterized by lively movements. Below a version of it, sang by Romanian singer Elena Roizen.

Another meaning of the term is ‘castanets’, which are a known as clackers or palillos, are a percussion instrument (idiophone), used in Spanish, Kalo, Moorish.

geamparaleThe instrument consists of a pair of concave shells joined on one edge by a string. They are held in the hand and used to produce clicks for rhythmic accents or a ripping or rattling sound consisting of a rapid series of clicks. They are traditionally made of hardwood (chestnut; Spanish: castaño), although fibreglass is becoming increasingly popular.

In practice a player usually uses two pairs of castanets. One pair is held in each hand, with the string hooked over the thumb and the castanets resting on the palm with the fingers bent over to support the other side. Each pair will make a sound of a slightly different pitch (Wikipedia).

Latino: (Video) CNCO – Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos) (Slow Reggaetón – Let’s Dance) (2016)

Since their inception two years ago, the Latin GRAMMY nominated pop phenomenon, CNCO has conquered the music industry as one of the most important hit-making groups today. Comprised of five young Latinos: Christopher (Ecuador), Erick Brian (Cuba), Joel (Mexico), Richard (Dominican Republic) and Zabdiel (Puerto Rico), the group emerged from Univision’s musical competition La Banda, which was executive-produced by Simon Cowell’s SYCO Entertainment, the global icon Ricky Martin, Univisión Communications Inc., and Haim Saban’s Saban Brands.

CNCO’s first album “Primera Cita” quickly became a global success and was certified Diamond, Platinum, and Gold in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Throughout their short but incredible career, the group has garnered numerous awards including six Latin American Music Awards, five Premios Juventud, three Premios Tu Mundo, three Latin Billboard Awards, three Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, one Kids Choice Award, one Teen Choice Award and one iHeartRadio Music Award. More on their official website.

The song was also recorded in English with Little Mix:

POP: (Video) Paolo Buonvino & Skin – Renaissance (Soundtrack from ‘Medici: Masters of Florence’) (2016)

Paolo Buonvino (born 1970) is an Italian composer, conductor and music arranger. Born in Scordia, Catania, Buonvino graduated in piano at the Conservatory Francesco Cilea in Reggio Calabria, then he started his career as a musical assistant of Franco Battiato. From late 1990s, he began to compose film scores and in 1999 he won the Cam/Rota Prize. In 2008 he won a David di Donatello for best score and a Nastro d’Argento in the same category for the film Quiet Chaos. In 2009 he won a second Nastro d’Argento for the score of the film Italians. He also collaborated with singers Dolores O’Riordan, Carmen Consoli, Elisa, Negramaro, Jovanotti and others. His most recent work is a feature of a collaboration with Skin in the opening theme of Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix. (Wikipedia)

Medici: Masters of Florence (S1) – Trailer

Medici: Masters of Florence (S2) – Trailer

Country: (Video) Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life (Acoustic / Drovers Inn Session) (2018)

This Is the Life” is a song by Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald from her 2007 album of the same name. It was released on 20 September 2007 in the United Kingdom, and in April 2008 in most of European countries, becoming a major hit worldwide. It has so far been Macdonald’s most successful single, topping seven music charts and reaching the top ten on nine other charts around the world. Conversely, the song did not match the success of “Mr Rock & Roll” in the United Kingdom, stalling at number 28 on the UK Singles Chart and number 18 in her native Scotland. The music video consists of pictures of Macdonald and her friends’ night out. (Wikipedia)